Saturday, December 10, 2016

It is Snowing; Sort Of......Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Snowbird (1971)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Elvis wants the snowbird to fly away and take the snow back with her. Have you seen a measurable snowfall yet this season? As of Friday we have not. A tiny amount accumulated on the trash can this morning and it is cold.

I wish I still put up my Christmas Village.  I could make it so much more realistic with trash cans.😉
2) Drivers in snowy climes are encouraged to keep salt, sand or kitty litter in the trunk because those items can help a car regain traction in the snow. Do you have an emergency kit in your car right now? If so, what's in it? We have a first aid kit, and a quilt in the back of the truck, but that is about it.

3) Back in 2007, North Dakota set the world record for the most snow angels made at one time (8,910). Do you enjoy playing in the snow? 

  4) Chionophobia is the fear of snow. Astraphobia is the fear of thunder and lightening. Lilapsophobia is the fear of tornadoes and hurricanes. Do you have to cope with any of these fears? Tornadoes and lightening, living in the midwest.  Earthquakes were a really big fear when we lived in California. My mom hated lightening and when we were ever riding in the midwest, (Okla) she would ride with a pillow over her head.  Tornadoes and thunder and lightening not a big thing in CA.
 5) Elvis' daughter Lisa Marie split her childhood between Memphis and Los Angeles, so she seldom saw snow. When she was a little girl, she was whisked  off to Denver in her father's private plane so the two of them could spend an afternoon playing in the snow. If you could take off and spend the afternoon anywhere in the world, where would you go? I would go to Santa Barbara to visit these fellows.

6) At home and onstage, Elvis refused to wear jeans and only wore denim if a film role demanded it. This is because when he was young, classmates teased him for "dressing poor" in jeans and coveralls. What did you wear to class when you were in grammar school? In CA in the 50's and early 60 we still wore dresses or skirts to school.  I never wore pants until maybe high school, and I don't think we wore them, much then. Cold weather was not a big issue and I can't remember wearing tights. I did not wear jeans until I was in my 40s. 
7) Elvis and President Jimmy Carter are distant relatives (the President is the sixth cousin of the King's great grandfather). Your turn: Tell us about one of your more interesting relatives.  My Grandpa came to Oklahoma from IL in a covered wagon when he was a small boy. When he was 18 he was a school teacher in Homestead OK for a short time, because he was a high school graduate.  He had a farm with a yellow tile barn and was a rural postman.  He came to CA after WW2 to retire. He was a farmer all his life and always put out a garden, when he moved to Vista he raised rabbits.  He was rather a stern man but busy until he passed away in 1967.

8) In 1971, when Elvis released his recording of "Snowbird," You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown was a hit on Broadway. Who is your favorite Peanuts character? 
Lucy is bossy and somewhat self assured, I liked her because she was so confident. I think I liked her because she was everything, I wasn't.  I was a better big sister than she was....just ask my brother.

9) Random question: You receive a gift certificate from a gourmet food company that can be redeemed for one of these three things: 1 lb. of caviar, 5 lbs. of steak or a 10 lb., live lobster. Which would you choose? Live Lobster



  1. Oh, your grandfather sounds fascinating! It's as though he lived more than one life.

    I love your trash cans, both the real one (which is clearly smiling in the snow) and the toy ones.

  2. Your grandfather certainly lived an interesting life! It would have been neat to hear his stories.

  3. Your Miss Piggy is cute. I hope she and Kermit can make up soon :)

  4. I am not sure my brother would think I was a better bigger sister. Maybe. I never *really* knocked his block off.

  5. Your grandfather's stories are fascinating.

    I loved Lucy as an advice-giver.

  6. Your grandfather was an interesting fellow. Vista is one of the nicest places to plant a big kitchen/flower garden.
    L.A. County schools frowned on pants for girls, too. It's hard to believe that skirts, blouses and dresses were the only things we got to wear, clear into the sixties. Loved your pics. nice that you have them.

  7. I hate snow, and to think I used to love it. That's age for you! Jeans? I can't live without them but I didn't wear any until my seventies.