Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wednesday HodgePodge on Thursday*

1. Are you more task oriented or people oriented? Elaborate.  I think I am more task oriented,and even thoughI can be a procrastinate, things get done.  I love people, however, they tend to get in the way of a task.  I trained adults for most of the last years of my career, in a 6 week course, and to be honest, I would have to say that the year before I retired, I tended to get annoyed if we got behind....then, have to mend fences when it was brought to my attention.....I was ready to move on to retirement.

2. December 15 is National Wear Your Pearls you own/wear pearls? If you're a man answering the question, does your sweetheart own or wear pearls? Everyone share a 'pearl of wisdom' with us here today. I had a string of pearls, Mr BC gave me many years ago and I believe, one of the girls lost them.  I never really cared for pearls and rarely wore them.   Rightly or wrongly, I felt only the elderly wear pearls.  Now that I am elderly, I still don't care for pearls.
My pearl of wisdom:

3. Speaking of pearls...oysters? Are you a fan or not a fan? If you answered yes, tell us your favorite way to eat oysters? If you said no, be honest-have you ever tried one or does just the idea of eating an oyster make you gag a little?
I have tried oysters:

4. Time Magazine has named President-elect Donald Trump Person of the Year. Let's take presidents and presidential candidates out of the mix for a minute. If a political figure had not been chosen who would you name Man or Woman of the Year for 2016? I just checked Times short list and of those, I think Simone Biles would have been a better choice. The 19-year-old gymnast earned four gold medals and one bronze at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to become the most decorated American gymnast ever. 

5. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2017 has been announced, and it's a vibrant green aptly named-greenery. Your thoughts? Is this a color currently in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade for the new year? Click here to see the color. As an accent color it is very pretty.  Mr BC would like it, green is his favorite color.  As a room color....too dark.  

2016 was really this color

6. Today I've had too much laundry to doWe had plumbing problems and pipes burst and water was all over in the place.  I am currently washing almost all of the towels that got wet ......trying to mop up the laundry room.  We had to dig out the shop vac. Now that our water is back on I am trying to play catch up.

7. Share a favorite lyric from a favorite Christmas carol.

Here were are as in olden days
happy golden days of yore
Faithful friends who are dear to us
gather near to us once more

Through the years we all will be together
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
Went to the eye doctor today for check, it had been 3 years, because nothing was done last year due to Mr BC being so sick.  It seems the cataracts have grown such, that I need to be examined by a surgical ophthalmologist. Have an appointment in January and no new prescription and frames, because.......cataracts.  

*This post did not get published on time, because I did not hit publish before I left for shopping.


  1. I am so sorry that you are dealing with cataracts, too. Is yours a new diagnosis, or did you already know that you had them? Are they in both eyes? Please let me know how this goes for you.

    I am so sorry for your plumbing issues and extra laundry, too. We've definitely been there. Something is always exploding and covering this place with water!

    You're in my prayers and thank you for what you did for me earlier. Have a blessed weekend and a very Merry Christmas!

  2. Yuk to oysters. My mom made me try one once .... never again. Sorry to hear the flood (another yuk) and the cataracts. Hope all goes well with the ophthalmologist.