Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2016 Lessons Learned-Tuesday Coffee Chat

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

I'm not one for resolutions, but I do hope I never stop learning.   What was your biggest lesson learned in 2016?

Several lessons learned in 2016. Early in the year I learned to help Mr BC with his dialysis.  I know his medicine by heart, we do numbers: Blood pressures,
Temperature, Blood glucose etc, and clean....everything to do with dialysis needs to be clean. My biggest worry was not to give him peritonitis, we have been doing these procedures for a year now and so far, so good. Organization and cleanliness...good lessons learned. I plan to keep him around for as long as possible.
One big lesson learned is:  that my neighbors and friends, here in the Red State, are a mystery to me. I would say I am a moderate, independent, voter. I have voted GOP in my lifetime as well as Democratic. I don't have a college degree, but I do have some college, I think I am knowledgeable and rational. I voted for Obama for a lot of reasons, but, to be perfectly honest, I had hoped he would do a better job. He had the challenges of opposition (The Tea Party, congress, etc.) and he could/would not find compromise. I believe he is a good man. Born in the United States. I also believe all the hate and vitriol, he has had to endure, is racism, by folks who claim, they are not racist. 

According to stories posted by people, who I became friends with on Facebook when Mr BC got sick, Obama and his family are not to be trusted. Headlines like President Obama "shocked the country" announcing he'd be running for office again. Which of course presidents can't do. The the other day a relative posted a story reporting.... that Marian Robinson, First Lady Michelle Obama's mother, will receive a $160,000 annual government pension, for taking care of the Obama girls.....it's all lies, fake news. Then...."it's now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences," Clinton said reacting to:  Pizzagate. So another big lesson is......The lesson here: We really need to beware of the fake news that is swirling around social media.

I did expect that Hillary would get a lot of negative things said about her, during the primaries.....especially in red states, she had problems and baggage. All the ugly electioneering was to be expected. Trump's nomination, left my support to Hillary, (who was not my first choice of democrat candidates) I voted for her rather than a third party, believing that, third party candidate would insure a Trump win. Hah!  Her loss turned out to be similar to Dewey's loss to Truman.   My Red State friends and neighbors and relatives and the rest of the country had elected Trump. Something I still find hard to believe!

So with that, a final lesson is learned....about the Electoral College.....For the second time in my memory....a president has been elected without receiving the majority of popular votes....now what is that all about? 


  1. Learning how to do all the intense healthcare is for the birds. But it has to be done.

    Several friends who are Trump supporters have written posts about how they are not a racist. Which gave me pause, who do they think they are kidding. I would not have thought that about them before.

    1. So true, to post hateful things and say....I'm not racist...is racist.

  2. The first lesson you learned was awesome. It's not easy to take on responsibilities with such a critical outcome and you are doing it, showing Mr BC how much you love him by how carefully you help tend to his needs. I stand as floored as you on the second subject. I could not believe that these two actually won the primaries, is this the best our country has to offer? Scary! And then to see the barrage of hysteria and hate that has followed the elections... it sickens me. I could not in good conscience support either one, and I'm totally confused about how anyone did. I refer to it as the lemming instinct. We certainly got to see a side of our friends - especially on the Internet - that we didn't know existed. It was eye opening!

  3. It's shocking how quickly we can learn to handle the medical stuff that our loved ones need. Before my mothers passing, there were several times she needed home IV antibiotics or a port flushed. I could possibly get my son's medications while asleep, both of them.

    The biggest disappointment during this election was that I honestly believed we were further as a society than we really are. And the amount of my family and friends who completely shocked me.

  4. Wow it's amazing that you have taken on all those health care responsibilities!! And so well too. That's amazing because I am seeing with how my mom has to take care of my dad more these days, and it's really frustrating to be both spouse and a health care giver. Of course - we would all do it absolutely without question! But it is a challenge.

    Thank you for sharing about the election! Being Canadian it was a bit hard to follow and understand all the process. Especially when you hear someone won -- but they didn't get the majority of the votes. We're like... what?? How? Hopefully Trump will prove up to the task --- because that's NOT the job where you want to discover you have bitten off more than you chew.
    Thanks for joining us to chat! :)