Thursday, January 05, 2017

Hello January Think...Write...Thursday


I am a California native, transplanted to the south-western corner of Missouri. January in MO is best described by DD2 this morning on Facebook....That thing when you go into your house and it's clear then. you go outside a few hours later and it's snowing? Yeah, I'll never get used to that thing!
It is cold out there! 

Hello January....

January is a time for new starts and though I don't really make serious resolutions, I am going to start writing more than just my group memes that I participate in just to keep my blog alive.  I have found a few writing spots that I am going to join this year.  This is one, Carole Knits I found in my bloggy friend Kwizgiver's posts.  I have admired her posts about books and the memes we share, for many years now. And Carole does beautiful photography, so I thought I would try to add this as a regular thing.

I am a care giver for Mr BC so I am home quite a bit. In the last year my time has revolved around him. Last year he was so very ill and has improved so much that this year, that I want to carve out some time for myself as well. 
I also thought.....not a resolution....that I might join the senior group at the YMCA near by.....maybe, even get Mr BC out. New Starts.  

January also brings not only the frigid weather, but is the harbinger of all things income tax.  It forces the inevitable procrastination of getting them done.  I dislike all the proud posts in February....."I had my taxes done and the refund is on the way."  I do my own, because it is no one's business but my own! More about that April 15th.

January is also the month where depression can raise its ugly head, if we have to stay in the house too much.  The one good thing about retirement is you don't have to get up and go to work every day. The one bad thing about retirement is you don't have to get up and get out every day. It is so easy to give into that especially, if the weather is bad.  Remember, I am a California girl, not use to weather.  I am going to get out more this winter. And let the light in when I can.


  1. I embrace the long evenings and the cozy, BUT winter can get long and is my least favorite season. I think moving from California and getting hit with winter weather could definitely be a challenge!

    May your January be blessed and find many cozy moments!

  2. Cold gets older much faster than heat does in my opinion. Class at the senior center sounds like a great outing. I've got to get back to my water aerobics. At one time I was a serious exerciser and hated people trying to have a conversation with me. Now, I talk. It is a good outlet too.

  3. It's wonderful that you will be writing more. If you don't write as planned, be sure to keep a journal of thoughts and experiences.
    California is so nice because of the weather. Totally agree, and the older I get the more it seems important. Take care, Katie.

  4. New ventures... good to hear you will be doing more writing and joining the YMCA.

  5. Being retired, I too know how easy it can be to let the day while away...especially if the weather's either too cold or too hot. I too am writing more these days, throughout the day, not just in the mornings...Take care,

  6. Live in central California and retired
    (yep, I know the good and the bad).
    I Love the winter, not the heat of summer.
    I enjoyed your thoughts and the picture of puppy hopingfor spring.

  7. I'm glad you found this meme--it's a nice challenge!

    And I agree, January brings out the worst of my seasonal depression: Maine is so darn cold and dark!