Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Chatting on the Porch-129

1.  Do you like avocados? I love avocados and especially guacamole, I love it in salads. I don't eat them much, because when I buy them, I tend to forget about it and they go bad on me.  

2.  Have you ever gone on a roller coaster?  I don't care for them at all. They were pretty scary to me and now I am sure I would just get sick.
3.  Do you do cross stitch, needlepoint, crewel work, or needle punch? I use to do needlepoint and knitting, but it became hard on my eyes.  
4.  Do you cook with gas or electric? This house has a glass top electric stove and it has been hard learning to use it.  If it ever goes out on me I will replace with gas.  
5.  Tell me something good, pleasant, or uplifting. Please. 

The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter!” 
― Jen Selinsky

Maggie and Jiggs just called to go out to lunch on this snowy day, so I will be back around to visit all you chatters on the porch later this afternoon.


  1. I actually like the glass top electric stove because it's so easy to clean and it's extra temporary 'counter' space when not in use.

    When I buy avocados, it's more work to have to keep checking them for ripeness LOL.

  2. Hello :) Thank you for popping over to my blog :)
    I love avocados with miracle whip on it LOL or salad...
    LOL I am so ready for spring, tired of winter LOL.Here in Tx was 80 one day 20 next LOL Yep ready for spring LOL.
    Following you now :)

  3. Hi. 'The seven stages' of the avocado makes me smile. I agree with it.

  4. I think everyone is looking for spring to make an appearance. Have a blessed week.

  5. Great truth about avocados. :)

  6. 'The promise of spring's arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter winter!”

    That has to be my favourite!

    I like the glass topped cookers... they are soooo easy to keep clean and that was something I hated to do on the old gas cooker.

  7. What a beautiful photograph of the flower blooming through the snow!

    Avocados are very hard to plan on. They go from way too firm to way too squishy before you know it. It can be pretty frustrating, but they are delicious and worth the aggravation. :)

    Have a great week!

  8. I used to cross stitch, but it got to be so difficult to see that I stopped. And I cannot go on roller coasters anymore--I get sick just considering it.