Saturday, March 29, 2014

Too Close-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Too Close (2011)

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it Here

1) This song is about a friendship that turned romantic ... and it doesn't end happily. Have you ever crossed that line with a friend? If so, how did it work out? No, never, but Mr BC is also my best friend.  

2) When he was a kid, this week's singer, Alex Clare, listened to his dad's Stevie Wonder records. When you were in 7th/8th grades, what music were you into? Frankie Avalon, I remember playing his records until they wore out and my parents were ready to toss the radio.  

3) "Too Close" has been featured on the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Do you enjoy shows/books/movies about the supernatural? Yes, when they are well done. I am not really into zombies.

4) Some of Alex Clare's tour dates were sponsored by Bud Light. Do you like beer? No, but Mr BC claims I did when we were dating.....That was the cheapest adult beverage served at parties so I would drink what was available.  I did not care for it. I think it is very bitter.  

5) Mr. Clare trained to be a chef, just in case the music thing didn't work out. Are you a good cook? I use to be, but I have since become lazy and I have no claim to fame as a cook. I do like to make pastries but I don't because they are to high in calories.  I can make a mean enchilada dish

6) Crazy Sam is forever running out of mayo because she slathers it on her sandwiches. What is currently on your grocery list? Well, since I am back in CA with the grandsons I don't have a specific list, but I did ask DD1 to pick up some blueberries for my cereal. An I need a regular loaf of sliced bread that isn't rustic.

7) Where are you most likely to find spare change -- between the sofa cushions, in your jeans as you toss them into the washer, or under the floor mat of your car? None of those places.  I can usually find the change I need at the bottom of my purse.  It always dumps out of my wallet or I just toss it there when I am in a hurry. I am usually good for a couple of quarters.

8) How did you spend your Friday night -- .working late, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying a quiet night at home? Well I am hanging out with the grandsons enjoying the evening. So far Caшa, has soaked himself at the sink playing in water and Лука wants to watch something besides Peppa the pig.

9) Do you use Pinterest? I have an account and some pages....but I lost interest.



  1. I don't even get the whole zombie thing.

  2. I don't really get the zombie thing, either.

  3. I love thinking of Young Banker Chick as a party girl on the cheap. (Weren't we all?) I think you and Mr. BC are romantic.

  4. I'm the same with Pinterest... couldn't actually see what everyone raved over. I'm the same with Google's Circles. I tried beer once and that was enough for me, that's another thing people rave over that I don't understand.

  5. Ah,......Peppa Pig...! I miss her so much now that my niece has grown. Still catch the odd one or two shows now and again...*ahem*

  6. I do cash shopping on Friday morning and when I get back home I empty my purse of change (as does MWM) and it all goes in various jars, which once full are deposited in the Building Society savings account - you'd be surprise how it all mounts up!