Saturday, February 21, 2015

All About the Cars-Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Freeway of Love (1985)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Aretha's ideal car is a pink Caddy. What's your dream vehicle? A 1965 Cherry Red Mustang. 

2) Have you ever owned a convertible? We have 3 right now, all vintage British Sports Cars. An MGB, MGTF, and a middle of restoration Triumph R3. 
This will be the final Product

3) Aretha longs to "drop the pedal and go." Are you a careful, conservative driver? Or do you enjoy going fast? I go with the traffic and I think I am a defensive driver.

4) Aretha's grandmother Rachel helped raise her. Tell us about one of your grandparents. Harry was born in the 19th century and was a farmer in Oklahoma, and also a rural postman. He and grandma moved to California when he retired at the end of WW2. I remember him as being a little gruff as he wouldn't let us win at card games just because we were kids. He was my favorite of all my grandparents. He always wore a hat.  

5) Aretha played a waitress in the 1980 movie, The Blues Brothers. Have you ever worked in food service? My first job was passing dinner trays at a nursing home and picking them up and taking them to the kitchen.  I was a senior in high school.  

6) Aretha was a chain smoker for decades and had a terrible time giving up cigarettes. What habit do you wish you could break? I wish I could curb my sweet tooth.  It is the cause of my weight and the condition of my teeth.

7) A sculpture of Aretha is at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in New York City. What's the last museum you visited? The Natural History museum in Santa Barbara with Лука, they have a sand box where you can dig for dinosaur bones.  It is a charming little museum.

8) Since Aretha has many honorary degrees, it would be appropriate to refer to her as Dr. Franklin. Who is the last person you addressed by his or her title (Officer, Father, Pastor, Dr., etc.)? My family physician last week. 

9) The daughter of a minister, Aretha enjoys singing "church music" and her 1972 CD Amazing Grace is one of the best sellers in gospel music history. Do you have any gospel music on your phone, iPod or MP3 player? I have Aretha on our devices, but not gospel. I enjoy a little gospel but, I prefer hymns sung, as I remember them being sung, if at all. I love this version of Amazing Grace with Il Devo.


  1. This quiz took you to a lot of places. I like how your granddad sounded. I didn't have grandparents. Just some stories passed down which is not the same. For a former science teacher, I study more history than I ever cared for in school. I enjoy how people thought and felt in the past. The world is changing so fast. All of this social media, we will all have a different world view in ten years.

  2. I too always have wanted a 65 cherry red mustang! Have a great weekend!

  3. What a wonderful description of your grandfather! Now that you mention it, mine wouldn't let me win at cards either!

  4. You shouldn't have left CA! It's been 3 years since we've had any kin of winter. :)
    I enjoyed your grandpa's story. The gruff ones always end of being the softest teddy bears don't they.

  5. I enjoyed your winter poem, it's dumping snow on me even now. I appreciated your story of your grandfather. Loved all of your answers.

  6. I seem to go from salty tooth to sweet tooth during the day. Would be nice to cure both I guess.

  7. I am so jealous! A MGB and MGTF.
    I learned to drive a standard on '61 MGB and it wasn't an antique then. It was white with a red interior.That is on my bucket list.

  8. Loved reading about your grandfather and your first job. I used to yearn for a Porche but never got one. I'm satisfied with my Peugeot though.

  9. Me again. Incidentally the link to the tune didn't work but I think I remember it from way back.