Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Fragments

Fennec Fox
One of my favorite blogs is Tywkiwdbi as the blogger the Minnesotastan  explains the title of the blog: "Tai-wiki-widbee" is an eclectic mix of trivialities, ephemera, curiosities, and exotica with a smattering of current events, social commentary, science, history, English language and literature, videos, and humor. We try to be the cyberequivalent of a Victorian cabinet of curiosities. 
He posts every few days with something I find interesting every time.  I follow this guy and recommend him to you. Click on the link above to find out more about this sweet, scared Fennec Fox.

Gwennie last Spring-Too Heavy
I did not take pictures of Gwennie before we started this diet 3 weeks ago. I took her to the vet for her shots and a prescription for diet food, when he weighed her she was 50 pounds an all time high.  She is already showing signs of it working because her hips are back and you can see air between her tummy and the ground a Corgi version of thigh gap. I took some pictures of her frolicking in our recent snow so I can make some comparisons before we take her back to the vet for another weigh-in.

These are Today's pictures.  She loves the snow

This is how she should look all the time.
It has been snowing since Sunday night and we only got back to walking yesterday.  Mr BC was right I am a grumpy cat (not very nice) when I am cooped up in the house. Even I noticed it this week.  

Had to tell Mr BC to pay attention to the TV....Nancy Grace is on....I can't stand her.  We saw Gone Girl on demand this past weekend and they had a Nancy Grace character in the movie. *Spoiler alert* I wish she got what was coming to her, she was vicious.

Amazon gave me a refund for that book...last week's fragment....and I got a refund and did not have to return the book....that was amazing.

From a previous posting rant.....this is why you get your kids vaccinated.

Now for some fun things:

                            I am joining Mrs.4444 for Friday Fragments. 
Half-Past Kissin' Time

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  1. I am not a fan on Nancy Grace either :-( I love the sheep bopping the cow! I feel for your Corgi!! I also have short legs and weight always seems to show quickly on the short-legged folks. I am glad her diet is working for her!! Thanks for swinging past my blog last week!