Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Have you ever written a love letter? Have you written one recently? Had one written to you? Did you keep it?
Mr BC and I were long distance sweethearts just before we were married, and we wrote many letters of love to each other.  Yes we have them still and one day the girls will find them and know we were once young.

2. What's a movie that ends in a way you especially love?
I especially liked the way Harry Potter ended, where we knew how they ended up.  I also love the way the Big Chill, my favorite movie, ended.

3. Something that makes your heart sing? And for those of you who are parents, I mean something besides your children that makes your heart sing? 
I would have to exclude the grandsons and dogs as well, as they rank up there as kids too. My heart sings when Mr BC and I start out on a travel adventure, any vacation like travel adventure. 

4. What's the last event you had to attend, phone call you had to make, routine task you needed to complete, or meal you had to prepare, that you did do, but only half-heartedly?
Any time I have to cook dinner, I do it half heartedly.  I don't really like to cook anymore. 

5. Tuna fish salad-yay or blech? If you said yay, how do you like your tuna salad prepared? Hey, this is the Hodgepodge, right?
I love tuna fish salad sandwiches with onions and hard boiled eggs. My mom made tuna fish with hard boiled eggs and Lipton Onion Soup mix many years ago. We quit fixing it that way because it had too much salt in it. 

6. What's something you 'know by heart'? 
Mississippi, The beginning paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence, from 8th grade Constitution course, my blog address, and many songs.

7. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, what two or three word phrase would you write on a conversation heart for someone you love? That someone could be a spouse, child, parent, cousin, bestie...anyone at all whom you love.

Grandma Loves You Best.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.  

Mr BC said today that I am nicer since I started mall walking....I think it is because I feel better and I get a chance to have coffee every day with some folks.

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  1. Don't they know that everything else sings because of your children and grandchildren.