Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday Fragments

I am really enjoying my mall walking and Mr BC joined me this week.  I don't think I am doing 2 whole miles, as I cut some of the corners on the second loop around.  I forgot to eat some breakfast on Wednesday, and I got quite woozy and barely made one loop. I won't do that again.  One thing about walking before the mall opens is there are nothing to eat on the food court. We visit, over coffee that we bring with us, for another 40 minutes or so.  I have already made some new friends.

We live in an old house and we are always making repairs.  This week the top hinge of the front door finally worked its way off the door jamb.  I would like to one day, get a new all glass storm door. We knew that to get that done we will have to re-do the door frame. Grandma and Grandpa made many temporary repairs to the door frame over the years New handles and locks,etc. And we are going to have to just do a new front door.  Mr BC is going to make a fix to the hinge do we can get out, and I am going to have to find someone to re-do our front door and storm door, when it gets warmer.

I accidentally ordered a new paperback book from Amazon, instead of downloading it to my Kindle Fire.  OOP's....I can't enlarge the font of a book so I am struggling with the small print.  I may need a magnifier. Mr BC says I should just return the book....That would make too much sense!

It is suppose to snow this weekend, I am ready for winter to be over.

Today. some food for thought:

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  1. Ooooh, I'm waiting for winter to start as it was 90 today. But I get it. Winter has been ROUGH on a lot of people this and last year.
    How fun that you guys have been walking together. I have been to mall nearby when it first opens and see walkers each time. It's such a great idea - makes sense in both your COLD weather AND our HOT weather.

  2. You post the best memes. I especially like the polar bear. I just try not to think about global warming.
    You'll love a new storm door. It is a hassle to redo work on the house and it can cost more than you like. But it is nice to have fixed for a long time with improvements.

  3. I do admire your determination to keep walking. I can't complain about our winter, minimal snow although it has been very cold. I can't wait for spring to arrive.

  4. I have a mid-eighties uncle who has been mall walking for many years. It's more for camaraderie than health since they meet at the nearby McDonalds for breakfast.

  5. I've been wanting a storm door for our mudroom since we moved in 15 years ago. No sense rushing these things...hahaGood luck with yours :)

    I returned a book to Amazon once As I recall, it was a pretty stress-free process. Good luck with that, too!

    Mall walking sounds nice. Good job! thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend!