Friday, February 06, 2015

Friday Fragments-Mall Walking

I started Mall walking this week, so far, I have gone 3 times this week.  I had decided this was something I would start in 2015, and it has taken until February to remember.  I am hoping that if I start going regularly, Mr BC will come with me. Maggie and Jiggs have been doing it for years and it has been nice to have a cup of coffee with them, during the week.  The tour we will be making in September of London, Paris and Rome, will have lots of walking involved and I want to be able to keep up.
We will get her back to her trim self.
We have Gwennie and Caspar on a diet.  They are both overweight and under exercised. Caspar is hungry all the time and developed a bit of a tummy and he is already slimming. I started walking the mall because, the walks I take with the dogs are much slower and and shorter.  I have made a promise to work the dogs out along with feeding them better.  I wish I could take them on the mall.  Since that is not possible I have taken them, sometimes with Mr BC around several blocks here in town.  It is time for us to all get fit.

We have been experiencing typical Missouri weather....If you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes.  I has been warm and sunny some days and cold and freezing the next.  We even had some snow this week. I am ready for Spring.

This is a good mommy!

My weekend Plans

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  1. credit to you for planning ahead for the walking on your upcoming tour. Nothing like sore legs, back, ankle, etc. to ruin the fun. Of course, walking is good all the time.
    3AM barking - not much fun in that

  2. Mall walking in preparation for your trip is a smart idea!

    Your pups will live longer and happier when they are in good shape; keep up the good work! :)

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  3. Good for you! There is a large mall west of Houston in Katy that actually has distance markers for their walkers.
    I love the pics. They gave me good laugh.

  4. Not only is there lots of walking in Europe, there's lots of that cobblestone. I always twisted my ankles!
    You are smart to start walking now, in preparation. I need to start walking, but right now I am just too tired. I do try to take short walk breaks, at work, though, if that counts.

  5. Good for you... you'll be able to see so much more when you visit London.

    Love the cartoons today, especially the one with a weekend plan!!

  6. The dogs look real cute with their ears tied up. Happy mall walking.
    Dropping by from the FF linkup.