Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fragments-Don't Listen to the Voices

Half-Past Kissin' Time
Joining Mrs 4444 for Friday Fragments

Some great tips about your loose dog, HERE.  It seems instinctual to chase after them.  We discovered that it just made Gwennie want to run more.
What to do if a dog gets loose:
  • Stop, drop and lie down - It might sound silly, but dogs find the behavior odd. When you don’t give chase and instead lie down and lie still, a dog will get curious and will often come back to see if you are okay or to see what you are doing.
  • Stop, drop, and curl into a ball – This is also a curious behavior for a dog. Because you are not moving and your hands are closely wrapped around your head, they see you as less of a threat and will come to check you out. This gives them a chance to sniff you and realize it’s you, their owner, or to allow you to pet them and grab their collar.
RIP Leonard Nimoy
I am such a Star Trek fan.....I don't do the cosplay and conventions....but the future of the Trek world was very attractive and I watch and enjoyed all of its incarnations, over the years.  This time Spock is truly gone.

I went to a Vintage Junk show at the Convention Center in Joplin,  It was interesting to see what people are designing out of literally Junk....there were a few antique dealers there as well. I was looking for a wooden ladder and the best one was being hauled off by another customer, the one that was left was the right size but too rough and I didn't want to do that much sanding..  There was also a guy who would make you a burlap pillow and letter anything you wanted on it.  They were very nice but I am not the burlap pillow type. Lots of jewelry makers and such and I did not buy a thing, except the best Cheeseburger, all the food looked delicious and homemade.

I am still walking every day except for Thursday this week.  I do the first mile quite well but start pooping out the second.  Thursday I woke up so tired. So I  made my coffee and tried to get ready but I listen to the voices that said don't I didn't.  I am such a baby.


  1. Catching a run away dog is great to learn. I dropped the leash of my bulldog as I was carrying two of my Chihuahua's up the driveway.
    The next door neighbor began to mow with their tractor and she went running along the fence and I just knew she was going to hop through an opening in the fence. I sat down in frustration and she came back.
    Now I know why. Thanks. She is older now and comes backs. Plus I have fenced that opening.

  2. I went for training when I got my first dog... yes, it was me that needed training. The instructor told me to run or walk in the opposite direction when a dog was running away from me. That worked too and I'm glad because lying down doesn't appeal when the weather's bad.

    Sad to hear about Leonard Limoy passing. He brought a lot of joy to the film buffs.

  3. I enjoy looking at vintage junk, it brings back lots of memories :)
    Good for you, for doing the walking thing! I need to get inspired and do the same. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. These tips on doggie retrieval I'll certainly keep in mind for my doggie sitting soon just incase!

  5. Wow! That's interesting about lying down and waiting. I am always after my daughter to not chase our dog. Maybe she could try this.
    was very sad about Nimoy, too.
    Have a good week.

  6. Interesting dog info. And, it's always so interesting to see what folks can dream up to make with junk and generally make big $$ with it. Have a great new week!

  7. Leonard Nimoy's passing was so sad to me :(

    I would love to attend a junk show one of these days - I can only imagine the inspiration that would come from seeing all the different trash-to-treasure creations!