Monday, March 11, 2013

99 Problems-WOE Surprise Prompt

She opened an eye and looked around. She had taken a hit to the chest and shoulder, making it a struggle for breath. She tasted the copper of blood in her mouth and swallowed. Taking inventory, she carefully moved each extremity, legs... check, arms…. check, ouch, she seemed to have broken fingers on her right hand. Well that’s a bitch she thought. She pulled herself up to her knees, and her head started to swim. She crawled toward the pile that was once her dresser and looked into the broken mirror, appalled that her left eye was swollen , and the blood she tasted was from a split lip. She dug through the debris that was her bedroom, looking for her cell phone. She thought she might have internal injuries from the damage she sustained. She needed to get to a hospital. She needed be conscious. He might return.

She awoke to an aftershock; she was in pain and couldn’t move, but he did return! He was organizing her rescue from their home. “Susan, Susan, I’m sorry I walked out angry, but I came back as soon as I could get here.”
99 problems she had, but the son of a bitch ain’t one.

Surprise! It’s Write on Edge's 900th post, and we want to celebrate with you. We know you’re busy. We know you’ve got to-do lists longer than War and Peace, but we hope you’ll play the surprise prompt game with us today.
Listen to Hugo talk about his 99 Problems and link up a response. The link is open for 24 hours only, so we’re not too concerned with word limits. Let the song or the idea of 99 problems inspire you.


  1. Yes, more please. It's too intriguing to leave if there... smiles.

  2. Earthquakes are so terrifying! I'm glad this time he was her hero, and not the source of her trauma-still, I have bad feelings about him. I want more too!

  3. Oh, questions left. Was it the earthquake or him, that left the damage?
    Yep, more is required! :-)

  4. So he smacked her around, and then an earthquake hit to cover up the damage? Seems to me that a couple of bricks could fall on his head at some point. You know, loosened by an aftershock...

  5. That was a delicious bite! I'd love to participate in this...but am away in the Wormhole bloghop for the day...

    Tina @ Life is Good
    Co-host, April 2013 A-Z Challenge Blog
    @TinaLifeisGood, #atozchallenge

  6. Oh! That's fun!

    My reading was that he did not actually knock her around. That the reader was led to believe it, but she actually sustained the injuries in quake.

    Her fear of him, I thought, came from something else...

    - barbara @ de rebus