Monday, March 11, 2013

Aire and Skye-Trifecta and WOE

Later that afternoon, Ariadne sat in the courtyard, looking at her mother’s book. She was frustrated that her spell had not worked. “How am I going to protect myself from grandfather, if I can’t concoct a workable spell?” She wondered aloud. “This is the same as imprisonment.” Exasperated she tossed the book into the flower bed, raising a flurry of dust, scattering insects and birds.

“Ow, Arie, that hurts!”

Startled, Ariadne saw coming from under the book, a glowing orb, growing larger amongst the jasmine. It burst open and Ariadne saw, a beautiful creature rubbing her head in pain.

“Oh my,” Ariadne whispered. “Are you a Fairy?”

“Oh no, I am a Deva!” She laughed derisively. “We are guardians of nature, much more important, than Fairies. We’ve been watching over your family for eons”

“Why, have I never seen you before? “She asked as she picked up and brushed the dirt from her book. Ariadne could not remember any little people wandering around the castle grounds, but she did remember, that only her mother called her Arie.

“Arie, you have!” she rejoined. “I am called Skye; you were young when last you saw us. The duke and his people could not know of us. So, we have not been able to use this appearance since your mother died. “
Ariadne probed further, “Did my spell allowed you to come. Was it really successful after all?”

Yes, indeed, just in time,” Skye replied with a smile. “One should unquestionably be a fully-fledged Sorceress by thirteen! We have much work to do here. Skye continued, “Your mother would have been your teacher; however, the duke’s machinations have delayed your training. Spies are everywhere. You must learn magic to counteract the prying of eyes and the charms he may have left behind.”

“Someone is coming!” Skye glowed then turned into a humming bird. Ariadne heard laughter as she disappeared.

Tilde dashed into the courtyard, “Count Reiner is here, demanding an interview!”

This week my story fit the prompts, for Trifecta and WOE with very little change at all, I have been writing the story ahead of the writing challenges and making changes as needed but this week it was if I was using a crystal ball. I am going to start going back in time to pick up the threads of Arie's life.

Time (Noun)
1a : the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues : duration
b : a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future
c : leisure
3a : an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end
b : an opportune or suitable moment —often used in the phrase about time

                                 This week we were to Write at the Merge of these two images.


  1. Ill be looking for more about Arie, and Skye.

  2. An interesting turn of events in this story (: I like it.

  3. Much MUCH more important than fairies.

    Love this scene. Simply charming.

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  5. Nice little piece of fantasy here!

  6. Nice little piece of fantasy here!

  7. So much backstory to share, and snag us in wanting to know more! Fun and entertaining with a promise of more.

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  10. How cool that you wrote ahead and it pretty much fit the prompt!

    I like this part, it changes the course of the story and gives a little hope for Ariadne. Am looking forward to what Skye can do :)

  11. It's a great use of the prompts - well done.

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  13. “We are guardians of nature, much more important than Fairies” – Great weaving of character and backstory into a simple sentence!

    -barbara @ de rebus

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