Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.

I am having a great time in Santa Barbara with my grandsons. The weather has been wonderful, Mr BC has been reporting snow.  Unfortunately it is a sad time for them as they have now lost both of the Serbian grandparents, Лука will miss his Baba and Deda, .  Son in Law is flying back from Belgrade and he will be back home tonight.  Then Лука and he will fly back in a week, as SIL is going to be a visiting professor at a Belgrade university.  Лука will have his first experience in pre-school while they are visiting.  It's ok, he speaks very good Serbian,  I am very excited for him to have his first school experience.  DD1 and baby Caшa will be joining them in 3 weeks as he finishes his classes. Both boys will be quite the travelers as they grow up as SIL still has some family and property in Serbia.

This would have been a good post to save for my participation in Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge. There would have been many letters of the alphabet that I could have filed under.  This is the first time I have been a participant in this type of challenge and has taken some preparation. The brainchild of Arlee Bird, at Tossing it Out, the A to Z Challenges to post the letter of the alphabet every day during the month of April, with Sundays off for good behavior. We will start with A on Monday April 1st.  I have my first week all ready to go along with some of the more difficult (for me) letters of the alphabet

The challenge starts in 5 days, so there is still some time to sign up and participate.  Please join me on April first for the A-Z challenge.



  1. Yay!!! You're going to participate! We're on the same team!

  2. I'm trying to work out what working through the alphabet means. Is it the subject that starts with A, B, C, etc.

  3. Looking forward to reading your A-Z Posts. Should be fun!