Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chatting About Many Things

  1. Would you rather sit in front of a fireplace with a roaring fire, soak in a lovely bath, or spend free time on your computer? I love a fire place but I don't have one here in Missouri.  I will choose a lovely bath in my clawfoot tub.
  2. Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? I have always loved dark chocolate even before I found out it was better for you.
  3. Have you ever tried a recipe from a blog or Pinterest? Yes, with varying results. I generally find most of my new recipes from the internet.
  4. Do you have a guest room? If not, do you have a spare room that you use for something other than a bedroom (sewing room, craft area, etc)? When we have guests we generally offer them our bedroom as it has an ensuite.  Our spare room is upstairs and the closest toilet is downstairs in what we refer to as the west wing.  The room serves as storage, but has a bed. We prefer sleeping there to cleaning it up for guests.....one day, maybe.
  5. Is your hair curly, straight, or something in between? Something in between.  If I keep it short I can wash it, put in some 'product', and style it with my fingers.
My other Challenge has an interesting prompt:  5 guys that I find attractive.  To avoid appearing to be a 'dirty' ole lady, I will simply make a list for my imagination.
George Clooney
Sean Connery
John Stewart
Isaiah Mustafa (the Old Spice Man)
Justin Timberlake


  1. I'm with you on George Clooney and Sean Connery!

  2. I grew up with a claw foot bathtub...loved it! I love dark chocolate as well...especially if it is European dark chocolate! Thanks for stopping by today. :)

  3. You have a claw-foot bath? Wow, I am jealous. Chocolate of any kind is good for me right now.

  4. How wonderful that you have a claw-footed tub. I think they are absolutely beautiful. And generally huge, too!

    Have a great week. :)

  5. Oh Georgie boy is ALWAYS on my list too!
    Internet recipes are hit and miss. Some are fantastic and some are duds (even though they got great reviews) or maybe it's the user's fault. :)

  6. I had short hair once and it was fun to just put some product in it and scrunch it up a bit. I have an old farmhouse tub, but it doesn't have clawfeet. I suspect that was a pricey item many years ago.

  7. What a fun post! SO glad I stopped by!

  8. There's a bit left out in the "roaring fire" question - a roaring fire is much nicer if it you sit in front of it with someone you want to be with ! :)

  9. Jon Stewart AND George Clooney? Whoa!

    We did not put a fireplace in this house--it is just not cold enough for a fire!