Monday, November 04, 2013

I Don't Have Very Exciting Days

I am continuing with the November challenge and today's prompt is, BULLET YOUR WHOLE DAY.  To get this posted today I am going to have to make some assumptions.  I have highlighted everything I actually have completed.

·         Wake up, what day is this?

·         Stumble to coffee maker

·         Gwennie, it is too early for breakfast.... Ok.

·         Turn on computer, play my word games. Gotta keep the mind sharp.

·         Remember Doggie grooming appointment.

·         Lure Gwennie from under the bed; she knows we’re not going for a walk.

·         Mr BC decides to go with us.

·         Oh, he wants to go to Lowes and Harbor Freight, while we are out...... Ok.

·         Return and vacuum, since the dogs are at the spa.

·         Called the Humane Society…We are going to volunteer orientation on Thursday! See 11/2 post.

·         Sit in my easy chair, to do this post and meditate on my grocery list.
·         Pick up dogs.

·         Watch Ellen

·         Fix dinner for everyone and enjoy.

·         Have leisurely evening in front of the TV…..then go to bed.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who switches on the computer early.

  2. LOL I always switch my tablet and mobile phone on first then get my breakfast, which I eat whilst checking messages, emails etc., sounds like a good day to me!