Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Chatting about Rescues

  • Have you ever gotten a pet from a rescue? Yes our boy, Totem is a rescue, he was a casualty from the housing slump in CA.  His family could not keep him when they lost their house. I am getting ready to volunteer at the local Humane Society.  We have orientation on Thursday!
The reason we call him Totem that he sits like this....a Totem Pole!

  • What pumpkin goodies have you had this fall? I have had a couple of Pumpkin Spice Latte's and a carton of Dryer's Pumpkin Ice Cream.  Yum!
  • What are the best and worst rooms in your home?  The bedroom is very cozy and we have a brand new mattress.  It has a room darkening shade that keeps it dark for great naps. The worst room is the kitchen, it slopes and has since Mr. BC's folks bought it years ago.  It needs a remodel, everything is tires including the floor.
  • If you could have a real "brick and mortar" type business, what would it be? If I weren't retired I would have a wedding/party planning business with my DD1.
  • What's your favorite tropical fruit? Papaya and coconut preferably in a smoothy.
I am posting this instead of the 2 questions for 11/5 and 6 of the November challenge I am playing with this month. Things you want to say to your Ex and Your views of mainstream music. I have been  married for 47 years and don't even remember any ex's and Meh! to mainstream music.  I will be back for 11/7 and my take on pet peeves.


  1. i love rescues. all of mine are rescue dogs and i wouldn't trade them for the world. i am kind of a sucker when i see a dog in need. hopefully after school is over i can bring in a new one. xo

  2. Pumpkin ice cream....yummy!!! The pumpkin muffins I made were simply a butter yellow cake mix and a can of pumpkin mixed together. I added a bunch of cinnamon and pumpkin spices. They are very dense....and taste AWESOME!!!

  3. A papaya-coconut smoothie sounds good. Being a wedding planner would be interesting and sometimes fun. The bridezillas would make it challenging! I would be a mess if I volunteered at an animal shelter. I'd try to bring all of them home!

  4. All of our animals are rescues or strays who just showed up one day. I admire your courage in volunteering at an animal shelter--I'd bring them all home with me!

  5. All my labradors were rescue dogs. I'm now without an animal in the house and wish I could get another canine friend.

  6. We've never had a rescue dog but have vowed we will once we are no long able to travel.

  7. I think that a wedding business could be loads of fun. My aunt used to work at a bridal salon and I thought that was pretty neat, too.

    I hope that you have a wonderful time helping the "babies" - animals - at the humane society.

    Have a great week!