Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pet Peeves- Thursday Tumblr

Pet Peeves we all have them.  Here are a few of mine, that I have actually gathered recently.

I am such a drama free person that I hate it when I have to be involved in other's drama.

Please, please, please!  Stop it!  Honey Boo Boo, Duck Dynasty, The Kardashians, [eye roll]

This is still a problem in retirement for me with miss dialed phone numbers.  I could barely use the calculator when I was working for the Bank.  Not a good idea.

I agree with this kid! Donuts are addictive.  I just don't buy them any more.  We use to have them every Friday when I worked.
This last one is actually more than one pet peeve.  It really sums up a lot of issues that bug me, now that I am older.


  1. I seem to get more pet peeves as I get older! I think I'm turning into a grump. LOL

  2. Your 1.1v Human was spot-on! Thank you! And thank you for coming to visit me at my blog!

  3. Yes, I have quite a few pet peeves. It get's worse as I get older.

  4. Yes! V1.1 is perfect. I am all about fixing those memory leaks!