Saturday, April 20, 2013

REASONABLE People, Hard to Find April A to Z

I guess reasonable people have always been missing in politics, as the quote above would seem to illustrate.  I guess moderation and reason of thinking have always been lacking in certain individuals and groups  This is only my opinion and I include it, among the small assembly of reasonable people out there in the world. This would include the originators and authorship of the art below about the unreasonable.

This guy is INSANE
Editorial cartoon by Glenn McCoy / Belleville News-Democrat (April 3, 2013)

These idiots are not like any Christians I know about. I have my thoughts about the reasonability of fundamentalism in all religions, but Westboro takes the cake for most unreasonable. 
Randy Bish- Tribune-Review

You gotta love a Free Press, this guy managed to get his message out in the Classified,
even if he couldn't get it on the front page.

On a more serious subject, the US Senate has lost it's reason again. It would be good if Americans could be represented by those who put the will of the majority of it's citizens first.
"A sane man's contempt for the United States Senate must now be certain and complete. Given the inertia on even the most modest legislative response to the mass murder of schoolchildren, those still credulous enough to believe that our governance is representative of popular will are either Barnum-sized suckers, or worse, tacit participants in tragedies soon to come." - David Simon

And finally, for any Ultra Conservative believers, quit reading now,
you have to know I would get to you eventually.
Lee Judge / The Kansas City Star (April 4, 2013) MCCLATCHY

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As reasonable people we need to remember that not every thing on the Internet is to be believed. We got to use our critical thinking and research skills.


  1. Good post. ignorance is a potent force which politicians know too well to manipulate.

  2. Brilliant! I couldn't agree more.

  3. Hehehe - great post!! So true.

  4. I agree. Moderation and reasonableness in thinking is rare, and that also includes looking at issues from the other perspective and acknowledging their point of view.

  5. Love these! It was a crap week, wasn't it? If it weren't for the flying dragons, I'd have totally lost faith ;)

  6. The last one might have been the best. It has been a year for crazy in the USA. Maybe it started last year, or the year before.

  7. You have flying dragons over there????? **wink**