Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twist and Shout - Saturday 9

1) In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris climbs up on a parade float and enthusiastically lip synchs this song, encouraging the entire crowd to join in. Do you know the lyrics of "Twist and Shout" well enough to sing along? (Watch the impossibly young Matthew Broderick as Ferris here.)
Yes, I do know the words well enough!  I love it!

2) What other Beatles' song do you know all the words to?
Yesterday and She loves You, yeah, yeah, yeah.3) 49 years after their American debut, The Beatles are acknowledged as having a lasting impact on both music and culture. What performers on today's music scene do you think will be remembered 50 years from now?
The way Justin Timberlake was screamed at on Saturday Nite Live, and on the Ellen show yesterday, I guess maybe he might still be around in 50 years.  He does seem to be more approachable than the Beatles. I do enjoy his tunes and he is very funny. Talented.

4) Paul McCartney is an enthusiastic advocate of the vegetarian lifestyle. Could you/have you tried to "go veggie?"
I have tried it several time, but while I have given up red meat, I cant give up chicken or fish forever. 
5) As a young boy, Ringo Starr suffered a severe attack of appendicitis and almost died. Do you still have your appendix? What about your tonsils?
I still have the appendix, but had the tonsils taken out, as most kids did, in the 50's. Tonsillitis presented a lot like polio, so it would scared my folks.  They were taken out if you had more than one case of tonsillitis a year.
6) John Lennon sketched and doodled when he was bored or nervous. Do you have any nervous habits?
I pick at my nails, and they are really uneven and I scratch my head until it is raw sometimes. Not because of bugs, however.  
7) George Harrison loved Hawaii so much he bought a 63-acre estate in Maui. Have you ever visited our 50th state?
We were lucky enough to have a family vacation there and the girls loved it.  It was nice, but there are a lot of other places on my bucket list so, I don't care if we  go back.
8) Yoko Ono was a polarizing character in the Beatles' saga. Has any of your friends ever dated/married someone you just could not stand?
Not really.  We tend to hang out with nice people. With some couples we have met over the years, we have wondered why...but our closest friends married good people.
9) Paul has had dogs his entire adult life, including a sheepdog, Martha, and a black lab, Jet. John was especially fond of a cat named Elvis and a tomcat he found in the snow and named Tim. Tell us about one of your pets.
My dogs are really 4 legged people. We love them both to distraction and have to be careful not to boor people with their exploits. I have as many Gwen and Totem stories as I do Grandson stories.



  1. Love looking into the face of the pup on the right. Is that Gwen?

  2. Your furbabies do look like people.

  3. I've always wondered what would happen if we introduced a cat to our mix. We use to have cats years ago.

  4. I was the same on the vegetarian front, I gave up red meat but couldn't give up the white. On the advice of doctors though, I went back to eating red.

    I still have the appendix but lost the tonsils at an early age.

    And I used to have four-legged people!