Saturday, April 27, 2013

XENOPHILE and Proud April A to Z

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Xenophilia means an affection for unknown/foreign objects or peoples It is the opposite of xenophobia  A xenophile is person attracted to that which is foreign, especially to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures. It also extends to fictional themes found in science fiction, which explores the results of love and sex between humans and  extraterrestrials, particularly humanoid ones. Think of Spock's parents.

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From the Human standpoint, my grandsons Caшa and Лука, are half Serbian. There is still family in Belgrade and Montenegro. Лука and his mama, have made many trips to visit Belgrade, Caшa will be making the trip this spring when SIL goes to teach a semester in Belgrade. They will both be seasoned travelers in their lifetime.  Лука, speaks English and Serbian very well, as will Caшa, as soon as he starts talking. 

Anyway I guess I am a xenophile now, since I have added the Serb culture to my affections, along with my Anglophilia.  I have incorporated loanwords into my vocabulary.  It comes from my own curiosity and the fact that the grandsons are going to be bilingual.  My most used word is:

krpа =kerpeeza (literally rag)=the cloth Лука took to bed.  Now I tell Mr BC, I need krpa when I have a Hot Flash.

It would be wonderful if everyone could incorporate a little Xenophilia in their everyday life.  It would make for a better Universe.

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  1. Agreed. More xenophilia would be great, but I would say that becasue I am a xenophile.

  2. Well I guess I am a xenophile, too.

  3. I used so many German and Spanish words on a daily basis, I almost don't even notice until someone looks at me funny. I love acquiring new vocabulary, and trying new foods? Bonus!

  4. I don't know if I could be considered a xenophile, but when we travel to a foreign country, I try to absorb the culture through the arts, food, and language, if at all possible. Even when we traveled to different parts of the United States, I observed the different culture and tried the different dishes. So if that makes me a xenophile, I guess I'll add that to the list of things that describe me! :)

  5. It sounds like a great way to be!
    good word!

  6. The world will definitely be a better place if we had more Xenophiles around

  7. Good word. Visiting from A-Z

  8. It's always fun to learn about other cultures- that's probably why I like to travel so much.